Waste Management

Sri Lanka has a national waste management crisis. While the Otara Foundation has been funding, sponsoring and participating in beach ‘clean-ups’ throughout the island on a regular basis, we believe this ‘damage control’ measure fails to address the overall problem of poor waste management practices, particularly in rural areas. 

The Otara Foundation’s focus is to find and support effective recycling processes, while it investigates the accountability of industries indiscriminately creating non-biodegradable waste.

Following the 2017 Meethotumulla Tragedy (link), the Foundation notes with considerable concern the significant biological and storage problems of other landfill sites in Karadiyana and Muthurajawela.

A global problem, evidenced easily on Sri Lanka’s beaches, protected areas and places of worship, the Otara Foundation calls for better practices to manage Sri Lanka’s Waste more effectively.

  • January 2018 – Garbage Cleanup Program, National Program for 7 Days of Rest
  • July 2016 – Mount Lavinia Beach Cleanup
  • June 2016 – Arugam Bay Beach Cleanup
  • GALLE?