The Sri Lanka Tamil Women’s Union Women’s Day Award

Otara was honored with an award in recognition of her outstanding excellence and dedication and kindness to all animals by the Sri Lanka Tamil Women’s Union recently. The colorful event was held in commemoration of International Women’s Day 2019.
“Thank you and most of all thank you for recognizing the animals. I am only a channel for what we all need to do and want to do. You are the first organization to recognize the importance of animals and you should be so proud of that.
Sri Lankans do care for all sentient beings in our country. Somewhere along the way we got lost and stopped being conscious of the feelings of those who don’t have a voice. This award is for all of the animals who have suffered in silence and continue to do so today. Your time is here and our time is now to bring great change for all of you.
“When you feel the suffering of every living being in your own heart, that is consciousness…”
Bhagavad Gita

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