Ultimately, it was Niko, my little street dog family member, that changed the trajectory of my life. Because of him and many four-legged friends like him, I launched Embark. Moving on from Odel, I widened the door of my social work, taking Embark and expanding its scope through the umbrella of a non-profit organisation – the Otara Foundation. To this day, the passion we have for our work at Embark defines the function, compassion and sheer will that is required to do the work that we do at this organisation.


Embark is the pioneer project of the Otara Foundation. First launched in 2007 as the CSR initiative of the retail giant Odel, the Embark project revolutionised CSR in Sri Lanka. A public outpouring of compassion and support resulted from the (fashion) branding generated under the Embark retail line of lifestyle products. For Founder and Chairperson of Odel, Embark proved that passion, coupled with compassion and smart business decisions could result in far reaching change for the street dogs of Sri Lanka. Daily operations have expanded beyond the branding to envelope an increasingly complex and far-reaching network of vaccinations, sterilisations, medical intervention, rescue and rehoming.

Because of Embark and the many stories of joy and heartbreak behind it, a dedicated team of qualified people work together under the ever-increasing umbrella of change that the Otara Foundation offers as service to the nation.