Protecting Elephants and Motorists on Habarana-Trinco Road

The Otara Foundation, along with Rare Sri Lanka, were in discussions with Sri Lanka’s Road Development Authority (RDA), with regard to the safety of the elephants who live alongside the Habarana-Trinco Road. This stretch of road runs between the Hurulu Forest Reserve and the Kaudulla National Park and is a common place for elephants to cross, where they face the risk of being hit by speeding motorists. Following our discussions, the RDA, with the consultation of the Wildlife Department, was able to put up road markings, speed breakers and sign boards in two locations, in the aforementioned area.

These solutions took into consideration the safety of elephants, other wildlife and motorists, and the RDA will be monitoring the progress of this project, after which they will be implementing these solutions in other areas of the country.

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