Dehiwala Zoo Appeal

The Otara Foundation launched an appeal to the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka highlighting numerous cases of animal cruelty, negligence and inadequate care that contribute to the immense suffering at the Dehiwela Zoo.  Titled ‘Free the Innocent’ the appeal called for a rescue and rehabilitation plan with a clear timeline for the release of the animals; the conversion of the premises for alternate public use- a park and botanical garden that protect the valuable flora on the site and provide skilled employment to the zoo employees; and a commitment to provide Sri Lanka’s children with the right education in conservation and compassion. As of October 2016, 20,175 individuals have supported the petition to initiate change. Small steps have been taken by the Zoo authorities in response. Otaar Foundation will continue to work towards providing the animals at Dehiwala Zoo with ideal living conditions.

If you have not already done so, please sign the appeal here