Otara Gunewardene invited on Face the Nation on TV 1, News First

Otara Gunewardene was invited on Face the Nation, TV 1, a News First program, for a panel discussion regarding  animal welfare in Sri Lanka. The panel included other animal welfare advocates, Shilpa Samaratunga, Amila Wijeratne and Manoja Weerakkody.

The program discussed the need to pass the animal welfare bill in Sri Lanka and the lack of consequences and legal repercussions for animal cruelty in a country whose roots are built on compassion.

The panel deliberated the necessity of a push from political leaders to speed the enactment of the bill, as it has been pending for many years with no sign of progress; in spite of the efforts of many animal welfare activists. The panel reflected on the importance of new laws for animal cruelty, education through such laws and improved awareness on animal rights and animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

The question in the discussion relates to the Animal Welfare Bill of Sri Lanka which…

Face The Nation Interview

Face The Nation – Discussion on the need to enact and pass the animal welfare bill in Sri Lanka.

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