Otara Foundation brings ‘Thimbiri’ back to Thimbirigasyaya

A project to bring Thimbiri back to Thimbirigasyaya was launched recently by the Otara Foundation in partnership with the Colombo Municipal Council. Thimbiri  trees once lined the road from Narahenpita to Havelock Town giving Thimbirigasyaya its name and the Foundation hopes to plant as many trees as possible to restore the area back to its former glory. The project commenced with the planting of three malabar ebony (Thimbiri in Sinhala) trees believed to be the inspiration for the name of the area. In addition to undertaking to plant 184 trees such as Ehela, Moodilla and Karanda. The Foundation also donated CMC uniforms to the hard working staff which were worn by the council workers on the day.


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