The Otara Foundation is committed to responsible, sustainable progress in Sri Lanka. We work toward the common goal of co-existence through empowerment, activism and strategic investment. The Foundation believes in fostering harmony with the natural world, protecting the environment and respecting life and liberty in all its diversity. We believe in Compassion as a guiding principle, and we defend the rights of the voiceless while adhering to our own example of mindfulness in progress.

Latest Posts

  • Sterilization Clinics in Partnership with Marchig

    Embark held a series of community clinics, in partnership with Marchig Animal Welfare Trust over the course of January-March of 2024. These clinics were held in Rathmalana, Piliyandala and Bandaragama, with 280 sterilization procedures being carried out. We were also able to administer over 700 vaccines (Anti-Rabies and DHPL) throughout

  • Community Clinics in Partnership with Lush UK

    Embark carried 6 community clinics in 3 locations in Colombo and neighbouring areas over the period of October- December of 2023, administering a total of 586 vaccines to over 290 dogs. Medical treatments were provided for 220 dogs and 156 sterilization procedures were carried out. We were also able to

  • Protecting Elephants and Motorists on Habarana-Trinco Road

    The Otara Foundation, along with Rare Sri Lanka, were in discussions with Sri Lanka’s Road Development Authority (RDA), with regard to the safety of the elephants who live alongside the Habarana-Trinco Road. This stretch of road runs between the Hurulu Forest Reserve and the Kaudulla National Park and is a

  • Visit from Mount Royal University (MRU) Canada

    A group of students from MRU visited Embark on the 17th of May. They joined us for our Free Clinic, and learned about the work we do, street dog culture in Sri Lanka, and how local communities take care of owned dogs and community dogs. It was an educational day

  • Puppy Petting Session by the SemiColon Project

    The SemiColon Project in Sri Lanka, a support group for those going through mental health struggles, held a session titled ‘Paws for Gratitude’ at Embark on the 27th of May. The participants took a moment to detach from the hustle and bustle of life, slow down and reflect on their

  • Webinar on Captive Elephant Welfare in Sri Lanka

    Life in chains in Paradise hosted by RARE Sri Lanka to create awareness on the situation of captive elephants in Sri Lanka. Alongside Otara Gunawardena were many other learned panelists who shed light on this grave situation faced by elephants of Sri Lanka.

  • Embark – Our Impact in the year 2022

    All the work at Embark operates under the Otara Foundation. In 2022 Embark assisted over 4,000 street dogs in the community with treatment, recovery and  finding homes. We are grateful to our donors, volunteers, fosters and teammates who supported us to improve the lives of the  street dogs of Sri Lanka. Rescue and rehabilitation of Street

  • Attidiya Wildlife Sanctuary Cleanup

    The Otara Foundation recently sponsored the cleanup of the Attidiya Wildlife Sanctuary.Around 30 participants from Earth Guardians, Climate Action Now Sri Lanka and ExtinctionRebellion Sri Lanka participated in this cause. They were also joined by youth from theneighboring areas and together over 270kg of waste was collected.

  • World Animal Day

    Press statement on World Animal Day 2021. Otara has been the Ambassador for WorldAnimal Day, Sri Lanka since 2008. Click here to read full article; https://www.dailymirror.lk/news-features/Happy-World-Animal-Day/131- 221676?fbclid=IwAR0Qn4jwWdJJzNw7TmIOrl8tOYJcW5mX05WPr3KXFQ- 0i0UUEGnz61B6FFk

  • World Animal Day 2021

    Globally celebrated on October 4th each year, World Animal Day is a reminder that every animal has the right to co-exist with humans and to be treated with love, respect and have the right to a free life. As global World Animal Day Ambassador, in a media release, Otara Gunewardene