Otara Gunewardene is the leading female social media influencer in Sri Lanka, with a vast number of fans and followers all over the world. Representing a wide demographic within Sri Lanka, Otara’s life and work have resonated with many people, allowing her and the Foundation, access to a wide network of support. Founder Otara shares her public life, keynote addresses, educational information and eclectic inspirations on the road, working towards change in her country.  For the Otara Foundation, these direct media channels take our vision beyond mainstream media and public relations, to a broader more interactive public, providing a Voice of positive change unlike any in Sri Lanka.

The Otara Foundation works with reputed national and international media outlets, collaborating on campaigns, giving exclusive interviews and insights and often releasing informative journalism from a refreshing first-hand perspective.  The Foundation’s work continues to be a recognised voice in media, called upon in a number of national interest issues.