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  • The Difference One Tree Can Make

    Otara supported a tree planting programme organized by the students of the Department of Economics, University of Colombo together with the UDA and Sri Lanka Tourism. Promoting and encouraging each one of us to be partners of the planet, 320 trees were planted at the event which was held at

  • The Animal Welfare and Art Competition Kids Event

    The very first children event organized by the Otara Foundation saw the participation of over 200 animal defenders from areas as far as Polonnaruwa, Ambalangoda and even further Focused on educating the younger generation on protecting our wildlife and environment; the importance of living in harmony with animals and ending

  • The Gift of Trees

    It was with great enthusiasm that the Otara Foundation teamed up with the Colombo Municipal Council to start a tree planting project that would increase the tree-cover around Colombo city, mainly around main roads where they are much needed. The project started on the 30th of August in celebration of

  • Otara’s Birthday Celebrations

    A special surprise of a photo wall, balloons and our very own Embark pooches adorned with ribbons and balloons welcomed Otara on her special day. A litter of adorable puppies joined in the fun too!

  • Special Guest at the Launch of the National Consumer Network

    Otara was happy to be part of an initiative led by the Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thero to bring healthy, nutritious food free from chemicals to the common consumer. The range consists of rare indigenous rice varieties and will become available to the common consumer through outlets around the island. The

  • Otara Foundation Supports the Establishment of Medicinal Plants in Schools

    Together with The Committee for Popularization of Science (SLAAS) the Otara Foundation contributed towards the setting up of a medicinal plant garden at the Horana Thakshila School. The objective being to popularise the usefulness of commonly available and frequently used herbal plants and to conserve the associated traditional knowledge for

  • What in a zoo? – An introduction to Dehiwala Zoo for students of the Elizabeth Moir School

    The Otara Foundation attended a general assembly held at the Elizabeth Moir School to highlight to the students of the senior school the plight of the animals in the Dehiwala Zoo and any other establishment that keeps animals in captivity. The students were invited to compare the stark differences between

  • Otara’s Visit to Norochcholai

    Otara visited Norochcholai to witness first hand the impact the coal power plant has in the area. She visited several sites surrounding the Norochcholai Power Plant and met with many individuals who have been affected by the coal fly ash which is not only considered a threat to the environment but

  • Open Waste Dumps and Garbage Consumption by Wild Elephants

    The Species Conservation Centre of Sri Lanka conducted the first phase of the project from August to December 2015. They visited 8 districts within 5 provinces, and found 12 large scale and 20 small scale waste dumping sites frequented by elephants. Whilst more research must be conducted to understand the effects

  • Where is Our Compassion?

    Creating awareness on the inhumanity and torture that so many animals go through for our entertainment. Animals are not spectacles to imprison, or meant to be used to give rides on. Yet thousands of these animals are forced to perform confusing tricks under the threat of physical punishment; are captured from the