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  • Visit to Mahavillachchiya Anuradhapura

    Otara visited one of the areas in severe drought. Currently 20 out of 25 districts in Sri Lanka are in drought and the lack of rain has left families in Mahawilachchiya near Anuradhapura with no income, food or water. Over 5,000 families have been affected. Click here to find out

  • Conversation with Rukshan Jayawardene

    Conversation with Rukshan Jayewardene on irrigation, the environment and most importantly on Sri Lankas diminishing water sources and what needs to be done to protect it. At this time of a severe drought where thousands of people and animals are suffering, it is important to start understanding why this is

  • Journey to Yala: A Responsible Adventure

    Be the light for change. We all have the candle within us. It just needs your fire to light it up to make our country shine bright again for us and the world to see” Otara said recently, as guest speaker at Journey to Yala: A Responsible Adventure, organized by

  • We Stand with the Street Dogs of Sri Lanka

    The Alliance for the Protection of Community Dogs, which includes Embark, along with compassionate citizens stepped out on the 24 th of July at Hyde Park Corner, in support of the beautiful streets dogs of Sri Lanka, with great hope of ending the new spate of cruelty that has begun

  • Animals Deserve More Rights

    Many animal welfare organizations have come together to stand up against the announcement made by the Government of Sri Lanka calling for the removal of street dogs, which had resulted in an increase of extreme cruelty and deaths of many dogs. A Press Conference was organized by the Alliance for

  • Tree planting in Kadawatha in celebration of World Wildlife Day on 3 March 2017

    Otara Foundation in collaboration with Reforest Sri Lanka assisted in planting 500 Kumbuk trees in Kadawatha on Friday 3 March.

  • Employees are a company’s main asset, so shouldn’t they be treated as such?

    The Katunayaka Free Trade Zone (FTZ) attracts millions of rupees in foreign direct investments to Sri Lanka. However, as Otara Foundation recently discovered, the living conditions of the employees of the companies in this zone are unfortunately substandard, with many still living difficult lives,made worsedue to lack of access to

  • Addressing the prevailing water crisis in Gampaha district

    Gampaha is currently facing a severe water shortage. Wells have dried up and the people have to purchase water for daily use. The water shortage is directly resulting from unsustainable development projects and activities that have been going on in the area for the last few years. Over exploitation of

  • Planting a rainforest in celebration of International Day of Forests on 21 March 2017

    Otara Foundation visited the Runakanda Rainforest Conservation Center and met with its founder Udaya Chanaka, who single-handedly planted 5 acres of rainforest in the buffer zone of the proposed Runakanda forest reserve. Today this is home to over 60 species of birds, of which 16 species are endemic and many

  • Otara Foundation brings ‘Thimbiri’ back to Thimbirigasyaya

    A project to bring Thimbiri back to Thimbirigasyaya was launched recently by the Otara Foundation in partnership with the Colombo Municipal Council. Thimbiri  trees once lined the road from Narahenpita to Havelock Town giving Thimbirigasyaya its name and the Foundation hopes to plant as many trees as possible to restore