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  • Otara speaks to the University of Colombo’s School of Computing

    Otara discussed entrepreneurship, business, the environment, animal welfare and most of all the importance of being kind to all lives with more than 250 students at the University of Colombo’s School of Computing.

  • Severe Drought in Mahavilachchiya

    The Otara Foundation distributed aid to several farming families affected by the drought in Mahavillachchiya. The severe drought has taken a toll on the livelihoods of the community of Mahavillachchiya and Otara emphasized the importance of uniting as a nation to support our struggling farming families. Climate change is a

  • Tree planting at the Wetland Bio Diversity Park

    Otara joined the students of the Tourism Economics and Hospitality Management program from the University of Colombo for a morning of tree planting at the Wetland Bio Diversity Park in Thalawatugoda.

  • Irrigation and water conservation

    Otara engages in a discussion with Mr. Rukshan Jayewardene – Archeologist and Environmental Conservationist about Sri Lanka rising concern for the need for water conservation and proper irrigation methods.

  • Exploring the historical site of Kongrayan Kulama

    Otara explored an excavation site of the early man in Kongrayan Kulama, Thanthirimale, Sri Lanka. This site is said to be the historical origin of settlements in Sri Lanka.

  • Addressing climate change in Anuradhapura

    The ongoing drought in most areas in Sri Lanka has had drastic impacts on the livelihood and incomes of thousands of farming families and agriculture. Otara speaks to an expert from Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka  Jayantha Wijesinghe, on the reasons behind this unfavourable climate change and what we as

  • Tree Planting in Celebration of Otaras Birthday

    In celebration of her 53rd birthday, Otara recently planted 53 trees – one for each year of her life, with the vision of a greener, more sustainable future for Sri Lanka and the hope of inspiring others to do the same for theirs. The tree planting took place along Sri

  • Trip to Mahiyanganaya

    Otara recently visited the Veddhas in Mahiyanganaya to learn about their unique lifestyle, culture and heritage. She met with the leader of the indigenous group, Uruwarige Wannila Aththo, to hear what he had to say about Sri Lanka current social and environmental situation. Click here to find out more of

  • Visit to Mahavillachchiya Anuradhapura

    Otara visited one of the areas in severe drought. Currently 20 out of 25 districts in Sri Lanka are in drought and the lack of rain has left families in Mahawilachchiya near Anuradhapura with no income, food or water. Over 5,000 families have been affected. Click here to find out

  • Conversation with Rukshan Jayawardene

    Conversation with Rukshan Jayewardene on irrigation, the environment and most importantly on Sri Lankas diminishing water sources and what needs to be done to protect it. At this time of a severe drought where thousands of people and animals are suffering, it is important to start understanding why this is