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  • Attidiya Wildlife Sanctuary Cleanup

    The Otara Foundation recently sponsored the cleanup of the Attidiya Wildlife Sanctuary.Around 30 participants from Earth Guardians, Climate Action Now Sri Lanka and ExtinctionRebellion Sri Lanka participated in this cause. They were also joined by youth from theneighboring areas and together over 270kg of waste was collected.

  • World Animal Day

    Press statement on World Animal Day 2021. Otara has been the Ambassador for WorldAnimal Day, Sri Lanka since 2008. Click here to read full article; 221676?fbclid=IwAR0Qn4jwWdJJzNw7TmIOrl8tOYJcW5mX05WPr3KXFQ- 0i0UUEGnz61B6FFk

  • World Animal Day 2021

    Globally celebrated on October 4th each year, World Animal Day is a reminder that every animal has the right to co-exist with humans and to be treated with love, respect and have the right to a free life. As global World Animal Day Ambassador, in a media release, Otara Gunewardene

  • The wrongful release of 15 illegally captured elephants

    Otara spoke out against the recent wrongful release of 15 illegally captured elephants. She expressed her sadness and disappointment regarding the treatment of these sentient beings. Otara stated that “It is deeply upsetting to know that these wild animals will once again face life in chains, tormented by man.” She

  • Embark Lockdown Feeding Programs

    As the third wave of the Corona Virus hits the country and with people of the communitycurrently under lockdown, vulnerable and hungry street dogs and cats are left to fend forthemselves on a daily basis. Team Embark sprang to action and has been carrying outfeeding rounds in the areas of

  • Stop Ecocide Protest

    With rising reported incidents of deforestation around the country in 2020 and 2021, many youth, environment activists and concerned citizens recently gathered at the Viharamahadevi Park to voice their concerns. The event, “Climate Action to Stop Ecocide” was organized by the WNPS Youth Group which also coincided with Greta Thunberg’s

  • Janahanda Talk Show

    Otara was recently featured on TNL’s “Janahanda” talk show along with Jayantha Wijesinghe of Rainforest Protectors, Hemantha Withanage of Centre for Environmental Justice and Ven. Ananada Sagara Thero. The discussion centered on the need for environmental protection and improved animal welfare in Sri Lanka. Click here to see more

  • Animal Welfare Bill

    Otara recently met with Hon. Namal Rajapaksa, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs and Hon. Ali Sabry (PC) Minister of Justice Sri Lanka regarding the process of finalizing, approving and gazetting the Animal Welfare Bill. The Bill was an initiative started by a group of animal welfare advocates and organizations

  • Thurstan College Interact Club

    Students from Thurstan College Interact Club recently participated in another “Who We Are” Program that was conducted by the Otara Foundation. The initiative is being carried out with the vision to educate, inspire, foster and empower young citizens to be agents of change within their communities. The program educated the

  • Who We Are Volunteer Training Program

    Who We Are, an initiative under the Otara Foundation held a series of training programs for young volunteers. The platform was created with the purpose of inspiring youth to take on a more active role in their respective communities; by rescuing, treating and fostering animals in need, speaking against animal