Health & Nutrition

The Otara Foundation has become increasingly concerned as to the nutritional health of the general population of Sri Lanka. Too often, the general public’s source of information on nutrition originates from the misleading mass-media marketing strategies of processed food manufacturers. Therefore, the Otara Foundation has invested substantially in infomercials and programming that promotes a natural, localised diet.  The Foundation uses its social media reach to broadcast the numerous health benefits of living in tropical paradise, offering a real education on the multitude of ‘superfoods’ and nutritious local produce available in Sri Lanka.

The Foundation does not encourage the consumption of animal products, in line with progressive global thought that recognises livestock manufacture as the primary cause of environmental destruction, the inhumane nature of factory farming, the regulated and unregulated use of hormones and antibiotics in food and many other reasons.  The Foundation bases its position on health with Founder Otara’s acceptance of ‘mindfulness’ and empathy as a way of life; that all animals fear suffering and death and therefore, this Organisation will not contribute to that end, for any animal. The Organisation remains concerned with general inaccessibility to scrutinise the operations of Sri Lanka’s livestock trade. The Animal Welfare Bill championed by the Otara Foundation contains provisions that regulate the livestock trade, but lobbying by vested interests continue to delay its passage to law.