• World Animal Day 2013 – Save the Crocodiles

    Due to the fact that Crocodiles are in danger of becoming extinct, an awareness Campaign was created awareness by setting up a special display and product range consisting of colorful t-shirts for women, men and kids and complementing accessories to raise funds for the cause.

  • World Animal Day 2012 – Save the Elephant

    The Sri Lankan Elephant was the focal point of a colorful and engaging awareness campaign “Nothing can replace the real thing” which featured a limited edition collection of merchandise -proceedings of which went towards buying a water pump for elephants at Ath Athuru Sevena Transit Home.

  • World Animal Day 2011 – Endangered Species of Sri Lanka

      The endangered Sri Lankan Elephant, Leopard, Chestnut-backed Owlet and Purple faced Langur were the focus of a creative campaign where kids visiting the shop were given facemarks depicting one of the four chosen animals.