Animal Welfare

The Otara Foundation continues to prioritise animal rights in Sri Lanka. The Foundation works with the governments, law firms, special interest groups and communities to raise awareness, all encompassed under the overarching mandate of Compassion. 

Since its inception, the Foundation has championed the Animal Welfare Bill, much needed legislation that has still not passed into law.  Sri Lanka currently has very few laws in place to adequately protect animals in zoos, domestic pets, or abandoned/lost creatures. A dedicated and public campaigner for effective laws that reflect or advance the values of a progressive society, the Otara Foundation is focused on its vision for animal welfare in Sri Lanka, driving change on behalf of the voiceless.

Foundation activities that promote Animal Welfare include the following:

  • September 2018 – Feeding of Hungry Street Animals
  • June 2018 – Opening of Donkey Clinic and Education, Talaimanar, Mannar
  • April 2018 – Article on Barbaric Avurudu Elephant Racing
  • March 2018 – Care for the Voiceless C4V Fundraiser
  • March 2018 – Carol Buckley Elephant Aid Visit
  • February 2018 – Daily Mirror Article on Elephants in Captivity
  • September 2016 – Animal Defenders Event 1
  • July 2016 – Where is our Compassion Campaign –creating awareness and compassion about animals in entertainment
  • July 2016 – The Year of Compassion Campaign – highlighting the ability each of us have to make a difference in the lives of all living beings
  • July 2016 – Desctrution of Elephant Habitat, Ehetuwewa, Galgamuwa – no details of Otara Foundation involvement given
  • June 2016 – Otara Foundation supports the Environmental Foundation Limited
  • February 2016 – Animal Welfare Bill approved by Cabinet
  • February 2016 – Time to Care Zoo Campaign
  • October 2015 – Animal Welfare Bill Appeal
  • September 2015 – Letter to President – intervention against the enslavement of zoo animals
  • May 2015 – Earthquake Relief Assistance for Animals in Nepal in partnership with Animal Nepal
  • April 2015 – Elimination of Bear Bile Trade with ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre Singapore
  • March 2015 – Elephant Aid International
  • March 2019 – The Otara Foundation builds new Isolation Units for the Donkey Rescue and Education Centre, Mannar
  • May 2019 – Visit to the Attidiya Wildlife Rescue Centre to create awareness on the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals